XM 6848-1 Error F-55

Have a system that has been on-line since 2013. Has a string of 24 panels on a main grid tied inverter with battery backup. Second string of 12 panels connected to grid via a SunnyBoy. First Outback main inverter began having problems that the maker could not help me fix, so it was replaced with a Schneider Electric system in July of 2017.

That part of the system consists of an XW-6848-1, two MPPT60s, SW SCP, and a combox.

Ran fine until 2/26/19 at which point the XW-6848-1 threw a F55 error.

Talked to the installer who is now working on a major job in a different state. They did not know how to help. The system was taken to off-line mode on 2/28/19.

Suggestion was made that I contact Schneider Support ... which I did. Opened a case. Schneider wanted information of the system such as serial number AND proof of purchase. Got the system information together but was not able to find proof of purchase so requested same from installer. They are not at their offices and did not have it on their laptop. So they asked the distributor for it and were informed by the distributor that their systems were not set up to get that information.

Such information will not be available until installer gets back to their main offices. Schneider closed the case.

So installer can't help. Schneider won't help. Can someone here PLEASE give us some help???

Mike Starling


  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 6,353 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Well you do need to prove you bought it so I see their side. There is so much used equipment on places like e-bay that they have to draw a line somewhere.

    What have you tried to do please? From the manual.....

    F55 is a rare fault condition that is usually attributed to a sudden loss of DC, i.e. tripping the DC breaker. 

    Another known cause is AC interference caused by routing Xanbus cables near AC conductors. Make sure all equipment is properly grounded 

    and route the Xanbus cables thru the shielded raceway at the bottom of the conduit box. F55 indicates a data corruption in the user configuration that has caused the inverter to return to factory defaults.

    Check and restore your configuration in the inverter.  

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  • Michael_StarlingMichael_Starling Registered Users Posts: 2

    I can indeed provide a scan of the payment check. Asking the installer for a letter stating the date of sale. Equipment was new in factory shipment packaging.

    Was raining the day of the install and as a result we did not get a bill of sale/receipt that we can find.

    I too found that comment in the manual. Gave me no guidance as to how the one restores the configuration of the inverter. How do I do that.

    By the way ... am not uneducated in complex digital process control systems and hold an active Amateur Extra Ham license.

  • Dave AngeliniDave Angelini Solar Expert Posts: 6,353 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would first power down all DC from XW for a 5 minutes and check for f55. Then restore defaults using combox or SCP and check for f55.

    Not having registered an XW means you have cut the warranty in half I believe. Pretty bad, or lack of advice from your installer.

    Good Luck

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