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Hello, I have this problem with my schneider sw4048 inverter, the installer technician set me up the system and the first month worked perfectly and now it gives a fault 1 AC Output Under Voltage. Automatically try to solve the system 3 times every 2 seconds but it comes back and stays with the failure. I have done it by clear manual and neither. I hope that someone has the answer and can help me.


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    Does turning off your AC loads help?

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    Have you checked that the AC output wiring is not shorted (conduit that left burs on the inside diameter and cut through the insulation)?

    Disconnect L1 and L2 "hot wires" on the AC1 output at the inverter?

    There is the old, shut inverter down, shut any chargers off, turn of DC power to everything, etc. -- Wait five minutes, then reboot....


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    If disconnecting loads solves the problem and no short circuits are found, make sure that the each line is ballanced, not having multiple high current loads on a single side of the split. Assuming a split phase 120/240V unit not a single phase 230V.

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