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I have my Combox connected to a router that communicates with my main router wirelessly. I have had it change my IP address 3 times in the last 6 months or so, it may be when there is a grid outage but I don't know that for sure. It was originally .6, then .4 and now .5. Not a big deal because it saves all my settings, I just have to do a hard reset, disconnect power supplies, including Xanbus. Any ideas on why this is happening, just the nature of the beast?


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    Have you looked at your router?

    Many routers show give you the ability in your LAN setup to do address reservations... Basically, it looks at your MAC (internet hardware) Address and always assign it to the same IP address.

    Otherwise, your local router will just randomly assign your local IP addresses sequentially (first to boot, .2, second to boot, .3, etc.). Here is what my printer setup looks like (assigned IP address, device name, device MAC)

     # / IP Address / Device Name / MAC Address 





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    Thanks, I did find "Address Reservation" under LAN Setup but I am having trouble finding my Combox # name Mac, it does not show up anywhere I am looking. I am sure I will find it with some more effort/research.

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    If you know the IP address of the combox presentily, you should be able to find a listing with both IP and MAC addresses on one entry.

    Also, sometimes you can look up MAC factory address ranges:

    Does not always work (may be the factory that assembled the unit and not the brand name on the outside of the box).

    My old router, the general IP Address list has a check box that lets me put that IP:MAC match into the reservation list.


    Near San Francisco California: 3.5kWatt Grid Tied Solar power system+small backup genset
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    Thanks Bill, with your input I was able to figure it out and used the Reserve option on my router. Hope I did it right.

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    The combox has locator tool in it's data package (CD or thumb drive)

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    Mike, I did use my thumb drive to re-establish contact with the Combox. That is how I found out it had changed my IP address. Hopefully I have "reserved" the current address for the Combox from my main router setup menu. Time will tell if I did it correctly.

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    Easy way to find the MAC address, if you know the IP one. This assumes Windows. Open a command prompt. ping the device (e..g. "ping"). Show the ARP table ("arp -a"). You'll get a list of IPs and their associated MAC addresses, just find the one that matches.

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