DAB Electric Pump Overcurrent connected to Sunverters

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I have a DAB pump, Jentinox 132M https://www.dabpumps.com/sites/default/files/2016-03/JETINOX_TS_ENG.pdf

connected to a 2.2kw solar inverter https://www.davisandshirtliff.com/solar/product/1404-sv2-2-2m. The pump is producing sound but no water is coming out. Sometimes the controller says overcurrent and then it shuts down. Kindly advice what the issue could be


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    Welcome to the forum VonVuu,

    Please note, I am not a pump expert or engineer. These are just general suggestions to diagnose what may be happening.

    With pumps, their intake can cause lots of problems.

    First, even though it says it will draw up water from 8 meters (~26 feet) (at sea level). Realistically, 5-6 meters (upwards of 20 feet) at sea level is probably what you can expect reliably (if you are higher than sea level, lift will be less).

    Next, if you have a screen and/or check valve at the base of the pipe, it needs to be clean and the check valve needs to be installed correctly (not blocking water flow). Any restrictions will limit the ability of the pump to draw water (and can cause cavitation--Pump draws pressure low enough to cause tiny vacuum bubbles to form--When the bubbles collapse, they will erode the internal pump surfaces and vanes).

    And, the pipe threads need to be tight and have pipe sealant on the threads. You cannot have any small air leaks getting into your suction pipe.

    In general, centrifugal pumps draw the most current when the maximum water is flowing through the pump. As water flow is reduced, the motor has less load (and less current). When no water is flowing (or water output is blocked) is the least amount of current.

    Because you appear to be getting an over current shutdown, that sounds like the pump may be running dry (no water) and getting damage (seals overheating or similar). This is not good and can (or has) quickly ruin the pump and/or pump seals.

    Regarding the overcurrent question... The pump itself does not have a controller (single phase or 3 phase induction motor). It may have an internal over temperature switch.

    I am guessing the over current shutdown is in the VFD (solar inverter). If the inverter is miss-programmed, you may get an alarm. And if the solar array is not properly configured (series/parallel connections of solar panels), the input to the VFD may not be correct (check with voltmeter).

    And have you tried running the pump with a surface water source (only a meter lift +/- source of water) and priming the pump to see if it works at all?

    Good luck,


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    In addition check to see the suction side is actually under the surface of the water, the backflow check valve at the foot of the suction pipe is working and that the pump is not drawing down the level faster than it can be replenished, pump too large for the well diameter. Has the pump worked in the past or is this a new installation?

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    Thanks for this bill. it is really helpfull. Am positive they will help me a lot. The pump was tested and worked for sometime though the output was very low. We are using two pumps in a water filtration system. The model is the same jentonix 132M for both. One is working fine. The one pumping water from the water pan is where there could be issues. Will try troubleshooting using your advice and get back to you. Thanks

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