jtj250: GNB absolyte IIP cells and vertical mounting question

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    Hello all, I'm new here. I have a million questions but I'll try just starting with one. I have a few sets of GNB absolyte IIP cells and was wondering if or how bad is it to install these in vertically? Post at top 100A33

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    Welcome to the forum JTJ250,

    I have moved your question to your own thread for discussion.

    Searching for your battery model, in the mounting manual:

    http://www2.exide.com/Media/files/Downloads/IndustAmer/Section 92_61 2015-02 Absolyte GP Installation and Operation Manual.pdf

    Section 7.1, page 6
    Absolyte batteries are recommended for installation in a horizontal orientation only. However, vertical installation is approved for 50G systems consisting of single cell modules. Figures 6 and 7 are typical arrangements and are not intended to represent all configuration possibilities.
    Not sure what a 50G is... Possibly a mounting frame?

    Anyway, Appendix D is on page 27.

    Here are some more links on those batteries (I think):


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