Off grid grounding

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Hi everyone

Info on system

1 x Victron quattro 10000kva
1 x Victron 150v/70a mppt cc
12 x Victron 100 Ah 12.8 V lifepo4 batteries 
Total 300 a 51.2 v battery bank
15 Trina Solar tsm-280 280 w panels wired in 3 series and 5 parallel 

Inverter is supplying house with two 16 mm power cables plus one 10 mm ground wire. Wire length is 60 M. 

There is an 63 a double pole isolater in the house that isolates the power coming from the inverter and going to the rcbos. 
I have 2 ring circuits protected with 30 a rcbo each. And one lighting circuit protected by a 6 a rcbo. 
I apologise if I have left any details out.

My question is, do I connect the ground cable running from the house to the solar system to the inverter, cc and panels? Where do I install the ground rod? 



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    The ground rod should be close to the main distribution panel outside the house all ground conductors should be bonded to the single  grounding point,  generally speaking. As rules and regulations vary in different regions, my suggestion is to review the tutorial in this link
    My assumption is the installation is in the UK or territories , based on the use of ring circuits, not commonly used elsewhere, if so IEE regulations would be the standard to follow.
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