breaker keeps tripping on enphase system

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I have a 3 arrays of panels. 50 panels total. from the panels. From the panels I have 3 20 amp breakers, then to a switch and to a 60 amp breaker. One of my 20 amp breakers trips often. I installed a new breaker, but did not help. Sometime works for a week or so, sometime just a few hours. Has some else seen this. Is one of my M210 micros causing this or is this a panel issue. How would I troubleshoot this?
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    Do you have an AC current clamp meter?

    In general, a 20 amp breaker will never trip below 17 amps (0.85 of name plate).

    May trip at 20 amps (minutes to hours).

    Above 20 amps, will trip faster, but usually takes many amps over 20).

    My first guess is that you have too many panels and gt inverters on one string (miss wiring?).

    Second guess is your 240 VAC line voltage is too low of voltage (closer to 210 vac or less... Possibly 208 3ph?).

    The third possibly is that you have a great micro inverter going bad that is occasionally putting a short circuit on the AC line.

    I had a central inverter that did this... But if this happens, I would expect that you would have a dead inverter after the first time (my inverter died after the first breaker trip).

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