Information about Solar panel's cell.

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Hi dears:
I have a few questions regarding solar cell.

1- how much is the exact size of a solar panel's cell and how much are the electrical outputs of each cell (volt, amps)?
2- does the increasing or decreasing of cell's size depend to electric out puts or no?
3- what the Interconnection of cells in panel is dependent to?


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    Each individual cell produces ~ 0.6V, the size of the cell determines current output, they are arranged in series within the module in series to achieve usable nominal voltages, example 12V nominal module has 36 cells in series, voltage is additive, so 36 × 0.6 = 21.6V, a 24V module would have 72 cells for 43.2V, grid tied panels have 60 cells at 36V, all open circuit  voltage. There are variations in arangement but these are the most common. This link will provide more details the current density of cells differs in how they are made mono or polycrystalline.
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