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Hi Guys,  Newbie here. My buddy does a lot of Solar panels and I have  picked up the bug.   Working with him we were testing some used 255watt microinverters in full AZ sun.  We both timed a lag in energy production at 5 minutes +-.  Ya'll already  know about this I presume but why is there such a lengthy lag in energy production?   I just finished reading your forum about the 'warming' of the panels produced by electron movement and 'short circuiting' of such etc.  He has mentioned this lag to me before and he explained  that the lag is inherent in the system.....but why?


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    Correction here.......The panels are 255 watts and the microinverter was 280 watts.
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    Just a guess, but that may be the timing of an mppt "sweep", during which the microinverter tries various voltage/current power points to find maximum power for the temperature and insolation conditions.

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    300 seconds are required to detect Grid Stability before selling
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    Yep. As Mike typed, a 5 minute delay between Utility Power Good and generating power for GT type inverters... To protect the grid and linemen (linepersons?) from getting injured during power failures/repairs.

    Once the power has been "good" (within voltage specifications, and frequency specs), inverter(s) will turn on. Any "faults" before the GT inverter turns on, resets the timer back to zero.

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