New to solar and this site and a little problem to solve with my generator



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    If you get a scope, I'd also buy a clamp on amp probe.

    For example (on ebay): BTMETER 600A Current Clamp Adapter Clamp-On Adapter Meter with Probes

    I've also fed current sensor output into a laptop audio port (yes, it's safe and can save buying a scope).

    I am available for custom hardware/firmware development

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    So, what happened! well, the generator came back from the shop fully repaired; not. They had got the voltage right (by lowering the RPM) but now the Hz was 33.

    I found I could get an accurate voltage and Hz reading by plugging into my Victron Multiplus and being switched from grid to Generator could see the input.

    I had a frustrating email back and forth with the supplier and learned that the tolerance is 8% and my generator was way off the mark. I am in northern Europe so 230 volts and 50 Hz is our grid. so, generator at 250 volts and 33Hz is nutz.

    So I was told to take it back to the shop again...... Well, I was draining out the petrol to transport the generator by taking the fuel line off the carburetor and there behind the control panel was a small protruding adjustable thing (don't know what to call it). My brain said, 'I bet that alters the voltage'. So I rigged it all up again and yes I was right. Extraordinary where I got that idea from. So I set the RPM to give me 50Hz and twiddled the knob to give me 230v or about 400v as its a three phase unit.

    Once I got the Hz closer to 50 my multi meter also started to work and give me accurate readings, at 33Hz the multi meter was 300+ and all over the shop.

    I emailed back the supplier and no one had any idea that there was a voltage adjuster on the Generator.

    And that's that story.

    Learning something new everyday
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    It is pretty amazing how much you can learn and find out that you are quickly exceed the knowledge of the people servicing your equipment.

    Put a nominal load on the geset when adjusting your voltage and frequency. And check the unloaded voltage and frequency is still within specifications.


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