SolarEdge inverter hostname on LAN?

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To anyone who has their SolarEdge inverter on their local lan via either WiFi or ethernet (not zigbee or cellular) - can you tell me whether it requests a hostname from the DHCP server and if so, what that hostname is?
You'd probably be able to see it in your router's list of active clients, for example.
If you're able to see the hostname, I'd appreciate knowing the hostname, inverter model, and firmware version if possible.  This is for a project where I'd like to be able to quickly find the inverter on a local network.



  • Ampster
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    I couldn't find the host name. I have located the inverter on my router by its MAC address.
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    Look for:

    MAC       Vendor

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  • DanKegel
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    My router just shows    target  00:27:02:13:9F:59       Ethernet

    so no useful id there.

    nmap shows all ports closed, so no obviously useful way of scanning there.

    You may be stuck looking at the IP or Mac address on the LCD!

    ( may be of interest.   But if you want to snoop hardwired ethernet, you'd need an ethernet hub, not a switch.  Sniffing wifi via kismet might be easier.)

  • Somm
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    Info from ATT Smart Home Manager Device List
    No host name
    Manufacturer Solaredge
    MAC address