Zhurui Power Recorder Review

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Recent purchase was a Zhurui Power Recorder, in leu to the die hard Kill-a-watt, it's priced higher than the Kill-a-watt but it has some features which are perhaps unavailable with its counterpart, rather than a simple digital display it has a TFT display, providing graphic charts as well as tables of energy consumption, additionally it has protection features  and timer functions which may be of use,  you be the judge.

The biggest complaint with North American users is the orientation of the ground pin, being in the top position, which in many/most circumstances means when plugged into the typical N.A. outlet the display is upside-down, trivial in my opinion, nothing an extension cord couldn't remedy.

Rather than explain in detail here is a link  https://www.amazon.com/Energy-Voltage-Electricity-Monitor-Analyzer/dp/B01ID0KYVI
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    Upside down might actually be better, so one could read it bent over at typical duplex height rather than on hands and (increasingly creaky) knees :smile:
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