Morningstar MPPT-45 charging problem after firmware update

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Hi All,

After updating the firmware my Morningstar MPPT-45 controller stopped charging the batteries . MSView  shows the panels and batteries voltage(60V and 12.8V) but 0s for arrays or outputs. 
It starts charging when power switched off/on but only for few seconds and then is back to 0s... I have not changed anything else except the firmware update.
Anyone could help with this issue, please?

Many thanks already.



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    Did you restart the system by hooking up the batteries first? Usually this is how the controller knows what the system voltage should be, it might think you have a 48 volt system if you hooked up the panels first.
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    I would also try configuring the controller (change set point by 0.1 volts, etc.) so that the controller rewrites the configuration file (sometimes files get corrupted or the old file is not interpreted correctly by the new firmware).

    But this is probably a phone call to MorningStar (make your first contact a phone call--Many companies, making the first contact via the web goes into a dark hole).

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