Batteries in the attic?



  • Championsolar
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    Yes we have installed in this type of space and it turned out to be a big hassle.  Had stairs leading to a second floor utility area that was access to storage above garage and attic of entire 1-story home. The entire area was spray foamed to keep space within 4-5 degrees of interior home.  After initial building review approval we installed non vented batteries and 15k inverter in this space.  inspector came out and failed us, required us to build an enclosed utility room around the batteries and inverter with Type x drywall on all surfaces of the enclosed space. with doors, creating a utility closet.
  • Dave Angelini
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    Inspector could have also insisted on some venting method or a very large space as sealed batteries in failure modes need this also addressed. Just thinking of using the attic is bad enough.

    Thanks for posting as it might help someone!
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