Production of a 3kw installation

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I have just installed 10 300w power panels each well exposed south with 10 micro inverter.

I have a home automation fhe, so I can control the production of my panels.

I would like to understand, my 10 rings produce in theory 3000w, however, for the moment I have never produced more than 2200w between 12 / 13h around.

the rest of the time, of course, oscillates.

but is it normal that in a cloudless time, I do not produce the 3000w that the panels are supposed to produce or in any case approached me.

thank you for enlightening me on the subject.


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    Sounds like no company talked with you about the expected production?

    Standard Test Conditions (STC) but realistically they produce wattage at Normal Operating Cell Temperatures (NOCT) which is normally about 75% of STC so 3000 x .75 = 2250, So I'd say you are in the ballpark for a warm summer day. You will find in cold sunny winter days, they will produce close to STC.
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