23.2 Voc Solar Panel vs 24v Battery

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Hi, I'm new to solar and have a question in my head: Can we use a 23.2 Voc Solar panel to charge a 24v Battery (2x12v in seris) using a 10Amp 12-24v PWM charge controller ?
Here are the specs:
Solar Panel:
Model: Yingli YL80c-18b Mono
Rated Power: 80w
Rated Voltage: 19.1v
Rated Current: 4.19A
Voc: 23.2v
Isc: 4.42A
Max system voltage: 50v

Batteris: 2x12v 4.5Ah conventional battery
Charge controller: LandStar LS1024EU which supports 12-24v


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    You could put 2 panels in series for ~38Vmp and ~4a assuming the controller is ok with Voc. If you're in a cold climate, Voc could get close to the 50v limit of the panels..

    One panel wouldn't work for 24v nominal bank (needs ~28ish volts for charging).
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    You need Vmp-std ~35-40 volts to "reliably/quickly" recharge a 24 lead acid battery in most conditions.

    Voc (voltage open circuit) is the panel voltage when there is no current flowing--Not useful for charging/running DC loads.

    Two of your panels in series would be the normal setup for a PWM controller charging a 24 volt  battery bank (Vmp-array~38.2 volts in standard test conditions).

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    The panel is a 12 volt nominal panel and you could put the batteries in parallel and charge it at 12 volts.

    The batteries are very small at "...12v 4.5Ah conventional battery..."
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