The right way to connect DC terminals

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So in the back of my inverter (in the DC terminals section) I have a cable lug, nut, washer and a washer lock. And I have no idea how to put them in the right order. Should the cable lug be connected directly to the terminal end of the inverter ? or should I put the washer and its locker between the cable lug and the terminal end ? Please help 😥.

*attached is an image of my situation, I placed them in the order I think it's most appropriate but didnt tighten them up.


  • Estragon
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    IMHO, the lug probably goes on first, then the washer (to spread load over more of the lug), then lock washer, and nut last.
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    Terminal first, plain washer second, spring washer third then nut, torqued to specification.
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