PV Wire/ Conduit selection?

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I have seen and worked with a few different types of PV Wire. Just looking for some feed back on the following product:


It is my understanding that the RPVU90 wire is UV rated (sunlight resistant) in black and all other colours and is rated for 2KV  (2000 volts)

Although 2000 volt rating may not be necessary for many installs, it seems readily available since this particular product covers a wide range of application and is very close in price to other comparable product.

I have noticed the PV wire pigtails attached to the Solar Panels from the manufacturer have a different type of cable. It looks to be a double jacketed product. When I price this type of PV wire, it is of course a little more costly but just wondering why that type is used in the first place? Is it that it that is just adds another layer of protection and durability?

One of my concerns is of course OD of wire so as to keep any conduit size, if being used, to a min and the RPVU90 does have a smaller OD than the other double jacketed stuff.

I know for longer runs some use lower cost builders wire, but in this particular application my max run is 40 feet so transitioning from one wire  to a another does not seem to make sense.

Thanks for any thoughts, feedback and experience that others may in this are.


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    The RPV90 and RPVU 90 are very similar to one another, with the exception of RPVU 90 having a higher voltage rating available as well as a direct burial compliance. Either one would work for most PV applications, it comes down to conduct fill, personally my choice is to be generous when sizing conduit, makes for easier pulls along with the option to expand.
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