newer sunny boy inverters SMA sunnyboy 3000TL-US-22

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Long time no posts here but I had to sell my farm and move leaving my solar projects behind.   I am looking at installing 2400 watts of solar panels over my shed that covers my trailer( I already have them left over from other projects).  Looking at using either SMA sunnyboy 3000TL-US-22 or the newer sb3.0.   I see the new SMA sunnyboy 3000TL-US-22 units on EBAY for around $700 or less as dealers are getting them out of inventory, or I could spring for the newer sb3.0  for around $1200 with shipping.  Other then 500 extra watts of smart power on the newer inverter, why would I want to spend the extra money when it is tight anyway.  Did a search and did not find much on the SMA sunnyboy 3000TL-US-22 on this board. At my utility prices and usage, looks like it would take about two years to break even on the $700 investment with basic net metering.


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    As a discontinued unit it likely has no warranty or support, an assumption of course, if new why not, would never get used, you pays your money and takes your chances, if new perhaps it's worth the gamble. Most quality products are tested so usually work for as long as the warranty period......but then again. 
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    In my experience, new versions of products are introduced to add features/functionality for which there was little demand when the older version was engineered, as opposed to a major improvement in basic operation. Back in the day, many avoided buying version X.0 of anything unless an added feature was a "must-have" ... we waited for version X.1 so the major bugs get worked out.

    If new, the older version generally carried full warranty. EOL discontinued support would be sooner, but realistically, support and development for mature products tend to trail off well before official EOL. Just general observatiions, nothing specific to this inverter. One thing I would check on is whether your local utility has any grid-tie specs the older version doesn't meet.

    If you don't really need/want new features (eg smartphone access), I'd consider the discounted older version.
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