Shower Thought: Solar power is almost free when sunny, very expensive at night.

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Many figures have been bandied about that compare the costs of solar to grid power. The general consensus, that I have seen, is that typical off grid power may costs 3-5 times more than typical grid power. Makes sense when considering equipment, wear and tear, batteries, and maintenance.

Then it dawned on me. It isn't that simple, solar power is close to free when the sun is shining and the batteries are charged. The costs when cutting into the reserve power of the batteries though? Thinking ~ten times the costs of grid power. Maybe more. These numbers are rather extreme simplifications of course.
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    you can do the maths many different ways . suppose you are on grid . and have s holiday home used 4 days a month ... then with say... line charges $2 per day . then grid power per KW looks expensive.
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    There are several ways to "slice" the grid-tied vs off grid Value
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    Most systems are designed with "I Want It Now" mentality and that is quite expensive.  Add to that, they are just a collection of black boxes and not an integrated system.  I run a camp on just a car battery. I have PV hot water, refrigeration, and even a dishwasher with heated dry. I operate major loads when the sun shines. Any extra power goes into heating water and not the poor diversion methods others use. A microprocessor allots power to each load and makes the system efficient.  The general consensus is batteries cost $0.12 a KWH of use so you loose right out of the gate.  An undersized 300-400w of panels on a water heater to supply supplemental heating is about the most efficient use of panels. Nearly 100% of potential power is utilized because the heating element never turns off.
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