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Should I install a switch in the cable leading from my battery bank to the inverter.  What is the switch protecting?  The cable or the inverter or both?  Should there be a switch in the cable between the charge controller & the battery bank?  Do I need both switches?  Thanks, Pete


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    Or a high capacity circuit breaker. There's nothing quite like the surprise of a high amperage short circuit and you have no way of disconnecting it.

    Think "Fire".
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    Installing DC rated circuit breakers in both positions, sized appropriately to protect the conductors feeding the inverter /battery, will not only provide a convenient service disconnect but also protect the conductors in the event of a short circuit. Batteries can supply enormous amounts of current which should never be underestimated, a fused disconnect, or fuse plus disconnect could bu used but must be DC rated for the appropriate voltage / current, but cost wise breakers tend to be the more economical in the long run as a blown fuse needs replacing, whereas a breaker would require resetting. The purpose of overcurrent protection is to protect the conductors not the device fed by the conductors.
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