Classic 200 programming?

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Hello all. Here's what I have. 6 panels 320w each 24v. I have a Midnite classic 200 with 2 banks of four t105 batteries 24v each leading into a 3000w inverter.
I've went off the spec sheet for the t105 and for some reason it just doesn't seem right.
Can someone tell me what the Eq, Absorb, Float should be for this set-up? What other settings should I be looking at? Do I need to equalize the batteries? Is there a book for dummies that has this information?


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    The numbers on the spec sheet I found are; bulk 29.6, absorb 28.2-29.4, float 27, and EQ/finish 32.4. All should be set to temp compensated in the classic.

    The "finish" charge is a sort of mini-EQ which doesn't apply with the classic. I would set absorb to the high-ish end of the range, say 29v initially, and absorb time to 3-4 hours. If you have a whiz-bang jr (you really should), set end amps to ~1% of capacity, so 450ah x .1 = 4.5a (IIRC it's whole numbers, so either 4 or 5). Check on the batteries towards the end of absorb. There should be some gentle bubbling. If no bubbling, Vabs should be increased a bit. If lots of bubbling, decreased a bit. Also check specific gravity regularly after absorb (to let the bubbling subside) often at first to make sure the settings are getting the bank fully charged. Sometimes it takes a bit of tweaking to get voltages dialled in for your specific situation.

    Trojans do have higher voltage charging specs than some others, but I'd start with recommended values and adjust as needed from there.

    Also, the EQ voltage gets pretty high when temp compensated on a cool-cold bank, and can hit high limit for some inverters, etc., but yes, you need to EQ. I do mine, along with routine SG checks, roughly once/month.
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    Thank you that is very helpful
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