AGM status when gone for long periods

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Small system in off grid cabin in Baja Mexico. Two 190 watt panels, thru Xantrex C60 controller to four 12v Deko 105AH AGM batteries. Xantrex 1500 watt modified sinewave inverter/charger to power center.  The batteries will be new and a BTS will be used.  The cabin is shut down for 4 to 6 months at a time; what would be the best way to leave the system when gone?


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    I would open all the breakers on charge sources and loads, with fully charged batteries. AGMs generally have low self-discharge, and are best left alone and fully charged for that length of time. If I could bury them, I would.
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    High temperatures will accelerate the self discharge, which if left too long may damage the batteries beyond recovery, if possible store them in a climate controllled location. Leaving them connected and unattended is an option i personally would not be comfortable with for that length of time, too much could go wrong. Then again the distance between Ensenada or San Felipe and LA Paz or Cabo San Lucas is around 2000Km, if left in winter in the north, it would be significantly cooler than the south, so it largely depends on location and season.
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