New Flexmax 60 Install

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 Just received my new Flexmax 60 and am reading the install directions and I have a few  questions. In my old set up I have a shunt for my Trimetric display but I do not have a disconnect box. I am installing a breaker on the input of 16 amps and a 50 amp on the output side which I am using as my battery disconnect. According to the installation (pic attached) it looks like the shunt is attached to a negative grounding block which I don't have attached to my shunt. Can I hook my PV- BAT- ground from my charge controller, ground from my inverter,and main ground right from my shunt? Also one other question I see in the wiring diagram a ground coming from all the panels to the grounding block, I do not have that now is it needed?
You may remember I have a 12 volt system 420 watts in series


  • Raj174
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    The negative battery connection goes to one side of the shunt and all other negative connections go to the other side, including a connection from the grounding block. The PV ground should be connected to the grounding block also. The grounding block should also have a connection to a ground rod.

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