Bluesky products?

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Just wondering what the general consensus is about the
 Blue Sky SB3000i MPPT Charge Controller?




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    I have been a member of this forum for over 3 years and have never heard a peep about this controller, good or bad. | would consider the 30 amp Midnite Kid. It's about the same price and Midnite has a good reputation for quality equipment.

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    One thing that has bothered me about the Blue Sky controllers is the Max Voc. rating. Absolute max Voc. of 50 volts is really low. Their info sheet doesn' even recommend 72 cell panels and only up to 290 watts of a 60 cell panel.Also, this is a 12 volt only controller, leaving no room for expansion. If you can accept this, then for a mid range quality controller, they are ok. Personally I would go with a Midnite Solar or Morningstar 30 amp controller. 

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    I think they're used more in marine type applications, so you might try sailing etc forums for first hand, actual use comments.

    The low Voc max would be less of an issue in a typical marine application (ie 12v panels, no series connections because of shading, etc).
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    I had a blue sky unit and as said was 12V MPPT ...they are old technology and have some peculiar AMP in limits, that limit them when you want to upsize the array etc.  I would go for another Brand... I prefer MidNite stuff...
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