General question about FLA batteries

I have a  1500+ - A/H 48 vdc FLA battery.  Rarely do I ever discharge it less than 70%  depth of charge  ( i only use 30%).  Will this battery develop a memory  because I dont discharge it deeply?  Should I discharge it deeply every now and then?   Also,  the battery is in my basement and its usually  between 65 and 72 degrees.....not the optimum 77 degrees.   Is this a cause for concern?  Thanks in advance for all that chime in


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    What is your available charging current (typically 5% to 13% rate of charge 20 hour capacity-- 1,000 AH ~ 100 amp available solar charging current nominal)?

    Are you logging specific gravity for every cell every month or three?

    How often do you need to fill the batteries (to prevent plate exposure)? Typically every 1-3 months... More often than 1x per month, may be "over charging". 6 months or more between fills, may be under charging (brand and model of batteries do matter).

    Your cycling, while light, is probably not hurting anything.

    Cold temperatures extend battery life... For every 10C/18F below "room temperature, the batteries age 1/2 as fast (cold batteries extend life).

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    Homeskillet? (aside: Are you from Alaska? :-)

    I don't believe FLA's develop 'memory issues' a la Nickel Cadium and Nickel Metal Hydride (anybody use those batteries any more??).  However they can suffer from excessive undercharging, and they do respond well to a periodic higher voltage "EQ" charge.
    As BB mentions, water use can help you understand how your batteries are doing. Also:
    • A hydrometer can confirm your actual depth of discharge. and..
    • The manufacturer charging specifications (recommended charging voltages, absorb time, etc) can help you confirm that you are charging them appropriately.
    • I think your temp is fine.
    Let us know how it goes,
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    No memory with lead. Cooler batteries usually last a lot longer. I'd pick 40F if I could. 
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