Fuse or Breaker recommendations

wayneworkman2012wayneworkman2012 Registered Users Posts: 15 ✭✭

I have six 100AH 12v batteries wired in parallel with 00AWG wire. I have one line coming off of one pole to a 250A DC breaker (ordered from here, love it) that then leads to a 3000 watt continuous pure sine wave inverter

What has been recommended to me here before is to rewire this, having all the positive poles go to a common positive, and having a fuse on each battery between it's pole and the common positive.  I'd like to reuse my existing cabling.

Can someone recommend a fuse that accepts large lugs? Or should I just get several small DC breakers? Perhaps several 50A or 75A breakers?

I'd prefer to get NAWS breakers if possible because the one I have got in the past was great and accepted the large lug size without issue.


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