Solar powered air conditioner

I currently get by just fine with my 24v 430ah batteries ,3000w inverter and 1500w of PV. I want to add a mini split AC unit to my tiny 350sq ft cabin and power it on my system if possible. Here is what I'm looking at...

I found a great deal on used 250 watt PVmodules so i thought I could just buy 3 and wire them to one of these mini splits. Does anyone have any experience with these types of units? Is what I want to do practical?


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    The hybrid units look interesting, they use panels to suppliment grid, assuming you're off grid the feasibility of using this would largely be dependent on it's intended use, after solar production ends and battery takes over. My system is almost exactly what you have, there is no way I would consider the addition of air conditioning, even with the units I've been looking at ( Diakin and Panasonic ) which are inverter type and have run current, 2.3A at 230V, half of the Lezeti. Consider that 5A at 240Vac is ~50A at 24VDC, this would deplete the batteries in a very short time even without any other loads, so to run for 2.6 hours using maximum run current would use all the capacity available 50% of 430Ah. This is just a rough calculation not trying to be accurate in any way, naturally if it's intended solely for full sunlight use only, then it looks like an attractive setup.
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    Sounds like I would need 16 batteries not 8... even with my backup generator and 24v battery charger :neutral: thanks for your input