SW2040 Generator Auto Start/ Factory Reset

The Generator will only stay on for 30 seconds when in the start mode and auto mode when i am low on battery power. Why is that?
My client bought the system rebuilt, i did not do the installation. What are the factory reset- set at?

Help im Stuck in Mexico


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    30 secs kinda sounds like the time to qualify AC input, or maybe warm-up delay. Is this a grid backup, grid tied, off-grid, or??
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    Possible oil level/oil pressure sensor issue? There are other sensors usually on an auto-start system (temperature, RPM, oil, etc.)--One of those sensors failed or improper levels in genset? Possibly Autostart is not "seeing" AC voltage/load after 30 second warmup?

    Possible voltage measurement/capacity error on autostart/controller? If battery voltage goes to "fully charged" when generator+charger connect (too small of wiring, improper wiring, sulfated batteries)?

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    Is this a Schneider product as SW 2040 is not ringing any bells, if so check that the low battery cut out voltage and the generator start voltage are not set to the same value. The generator start value should be set higher than LBCO to prevent the inverter switching off, which in turn allows the battery voltage to recover above the LBCO canceling the need for generator support, hense the short cycle, this would apply in theroy to other systems as well, I guess,
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    you guys are great thank you

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