Setting amp hour size midnite classic 150

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In my setup menu I'm trying to determine my Amp Hour Size 05b setting. I have it set for 740 AH. I have 4 6v L16 in series with 4 more L16 in paralell these are 370AH batteries so I took 370AH X2 to come up with 740 AH for my setting.  My ME ARC BMK Meters 05B reading always says Think'n this is the battery SOC reading do I have the wrong setting in my setup menu? Or do I have to do some type of reset so my SOC quits Think'n and show me the right SOC. New to this off grid solar cabin. I have many more questions. 


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    I have a Magnum 4024 inverter, a midnite classic 150 a 14kw propane kohler generator 1.08kw solar panels.

    The Cabin 1.08 kW 4-Panel Astronergy Off-Grid Solar System

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    Hi pdarst,   Welcome to the Forum.

    With two parallel strings of 370Ah batteries, your 740 Ah setting is correct.

    SOC readings on battery monitoring devices  are  approximations.   The more accurate the battery parameters that the user enters,   the better will be the accuracy of the readings,   but  they will still just be approximations.

    It seems that 1080 watts of PV  is relatively small for that battery size.

    Opinions,    Vic

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    A piece of equipment that you don't discuss is if you have the whizbangjr setup? If you are trying to set the Classic up to use as a battery monitor this will be very important! otherwise the charge controller will not be aware of loads going to the inverter. If you aren't using it, I would not use the Classic as a battery monitor.

    I'm on vacation, or I'd hunt up if that is the correct sport for battery bank capacity.
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    Can you describe if/how a shunt is wired between the ME BMK and the bank? The AH setting in the MN classic has nothing to do with the AH remaining shown on the Magnum.
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    I don;'t recall if this has been said but, for the WBjr to work as designed, it must be the last thing to be installed in the circuit before the connection of that cable to the NEG battery post.  This allows it to accurately sense every Amp going INTO and OUT pf the battery.
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    I wouldn't say your solar array are relatively small.  I'd say it's very small and totally inadequate.  Let's assume you want to max the charging rate at C/8, so that's 740Ah/8 = 92.5A.  Charging at 29.6VDC (Trojan's L-16 recommendation) that 92.5A X 29.6V = 2738watts.
    Derating 2738 watts by 80% (real-world every day output) is 2738/0.8 = 3422watts.  Even going with a lower end of C/12, you should have more than double your wattage.

    My recommendation is you immediately expand your solar system 3 fold before you ruin your batteries.  If you can't afford that, then at least double.  In the short term, maybe you can alternatively charge your banks one at a time, so you can get the individual charging rate up.  Your array right now is capable of putting out ~29-31amps, which is at the low end of OK for L-16s.
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    @MichaelK - he could be using the 14kw generator for bulk charging&loads for part of the day, and just supplementing with pv. We really don't know enough about OPs use to say it's totally inadequate.
    Main daytime system ~4kw panels into 2xMNClassic150 370ah 48v bank 2xOutback 3548 inverter 120v + 240v autotransformer
    Night system ~1kw panels into 1xMNClassic150 700ah 12v bank morningstar 300w inverter
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