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I want 4 panels about 260-300 watt. I need .75 a watt. where can I pick these up on the Northern plains ??


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    DNM solar $245 CDN 330 watts
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    For most sellers, "bulk" means a pallet full of 25 panels.  For four panels you'll be paying almost as much for the shipping as you do the panels themselves.

    Here's a company local to me that I've bought panels from.  They have these HanWha panels on sale now.  I haven't actually seen them, but this company tends to market "extra" panels left over from commercial installs.  The ones I bought (LangLi 250W) appear to have been installed, then taken back out of service. I base this conclusion on the fact that some of the MC4 connectors appear to have been used and have bend locking tabs.  But, SB specifically mentioned that they had been returned from a job site.  I did a quicky test wiring single panels straight into a 24V battery string, and tested their output with a clamp meter. Their output was spot on the NOTC documented values.


    If you only order 4 your price point with shipping will be 87 cents per watt.  You have to order 8 of them to get down to 70 cents per watt.

    Can you go into more detail as to your system needs and why you want four 300watt panels?

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    Might check with local installers, sometimes they will buy unbroken pallets to get the same or better price and then sell off the extras. Also worth checking Craigslist and Facebook market place, letgo for people selling panels in your area. As noted shipping make for expensive panels.
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    i was looking for someone around Salt Lake who might have some. I would consider used ones if they were less than 3 years old and .50 a watt.
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