Looking for a new Inverter for our next system

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 For over 6 years I have owned a xantrex sw6048 with battery and genset back up, hooked to 2.5k worth of Canadian solar, this provide roughly about a third of our yearly needs. We are now moving and are starting a new. I have since purchased 7.5k worth of Canadian solar and would like to do a similar type system.  

My problem is “Ideally” I would like to use a single hybrid inverter but of course the Xantrex I had is too small but a prewired Outback Raiden Radian FPR-8048A would fit the bill but I would rather use a lighter (possibly cheaper) transformer-less system but I can’t seem to find one that has controls for a AC2 input for the generator. There are many units out there that can do the battery side of things but I have yet to find one that will also control a generator.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



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    Oh...one more thing. This is a grid tied system.
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    Hook the generator and charger(s) up directly to the batteries?
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    I like being able to use the grid to charge the batts as well when the power comes back on. Having an all in one system controlled from one point is a huge plus for me. We have power outages every winter.

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    Also one more question does any one know why they don't make the 8.5k unit for the domestic market? I can find the XW+ 8.5kw that Schneider makes just not one for our market.

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    Stack 2 of the Xantex/Schneider units.  Stay with the brand you know. 

    Do you need hybrid in the new site ?  Lots of power outages ?  Straight Grid Tie with backup generator is a valid way to avoid batteries ageing to death with no usage
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    I agree Mike but the wife likes the instantaneous power transfer and we have had power losses up to a few weeks and she does not like the Idea of having to rely on fuel to make the span. I see SMA has some options and I have thought about going with two but price and more components have turn me off. It took me about two years and this message broad just to learn how to program the single inverter I have now.

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    It took me about two years and this message broad just to learn how to program the single inverter

    as Mike put it go with what you know! or it wont work for another 2 years.?..

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    I'd consider the Pika Energy offerings and do an economic analysis of potential energy contracts that shift energy to night time (off-peak) use.  They have integrated battery systems to do so - that can also provide emergency off grid energy.  The economics will vary significantly depending upon your energy use habits and the available energy contracts.  SolarEdge offers similar "hybrid" type inverters, however in the US, they require a separate "autotransformer".  For me, the main advantage of Pika Energy the design of the DC/DC converters that use string based MPPT power optimization and have the potential to integrate more easily to "smart grid" techniques in the future via using PLC communications - but time will tell on that!
    An interesting article on Pika application in a smart grid application (the Stapleton Project):


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    The XW+ system will easily control a generator, run HV strings to make the PV much easier to install. It is available to monitor on the web anywhere there is internet and unlike a Radian, you already know the basic system. Outback still does not have a HV CC but maybe in 2018?

    The 8.5 KW XW+ models are not for north america and do not have split-phase output that you need. They are rated differently but really it is specification changes and the 6.8KW NA is just about identical.
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