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    Ok guys thanks for the input will I kill my controller with that setup? I wish I had a 24v 2000w pure sign wave charger so I could up my voltage. But dumb me got a 12v one
    No, the Classic can handle it, no problem. Yep, 24 volt would be better. Have you called them to see if they will swap the inverter out?

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    I looked up the specs on the batteries I have an am trying to understand why they can't be mixed, pulling the info from the data sheets on both types I get this info.

    Gel Cycle Use is 14.2-14.4 and Float is 13.6 13.8V

    AGM Cycle Use is 14.4-15.0 Float is 13.5-13.8V

    I don't understand why they won't work together? Voltage is voltage? Am I missing part of the picture?

    Also is it smart to hook up an automotive type Gel/AGM/LA smart battery charger to these batteries each month  for like 30mins while they are in storage? They won't go into service until early 2018 like Feb March 

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    Based on my very limited knowledge of gels, my understanding is they're very sensitive to high charging voltages. That means you would want to limit voltage to the gel range, which may be too low for the AGMs. A second issue may be differing charge acceptance rates would mean some are consistently overcharged, and others undercharged.

    Generally speaking, AGMs have low rates of self discharge. If not stored in a hot place, they should get by without charging, but it wouldn't hurt (I'd check voltages on the charger just to be sure though).
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    Connecting "identical"batteries in series.

    You got what you got... paralleling agm with gel batteries, and just watch the maximum charging voltage to get. You could do worse.

    Check the maximum charging current. Gel batteries tend to have a lower max charging current (5% or C/20 is coming for USA gel batteries).

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