Tiles Or Concrete?

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Hi all, i want to ask which type of flooring is best in terms of reliability and durability, i want to redesign floor of my house.


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    Both will still be in place when we are all gone. The question is how do you want the floor to look? Tile offers more options.
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    Both *could* be in place when we're all gone, but only with proper substrate, prep, material, and installation. I've seen both fail in short order.
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    Stay away from solar tiles :)
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    Over the years, I have seen that the subfloor is critical to any installation. Week subfloor (or 400+ lb tenant) and almost no standard flooring will last.

    I have used Pergo type flooring for some apartments and homes (ongoing maintenance). The flooring is easy to install and holds up pretty well--HOWEVER, if you have any water issues (leaks, kids spilling drink, etc.), the water gets in between the grooves and swells up the "particle board". It does not with-sand water at all (the surface is Formica like--which does ok with water).

    I am still of mixed thinking about if I will use Pergo type flooring again. Just regular tongue and groove wood floor+finish is more forgiving (in general regarding water--The finish varnish is not that hard for high traffic areas). Plus it can be refinished.

    Tile--There is always the issue with grout lines--They get dirty and crack. The tile itself does hold up well (also various natural stone can do OK--Keep marble tile away from wet areas, such as around the bathroom and kitchen).

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