Bridge rectifier

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Hi I have a question that is bot making sense to me, ok let's say that someone wants to do a grid tie in system. instead of using micro inverters why wouldn't they be able to use a bridge rectifier instead? To my understanding of a bridge rectifier is that it converts a/c to d/c. so all they'll have to do is combine there solar panels in parallel( as long as they stay within the amps ratings for the rectifier) and send it straight to the grid.


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    A Grid-Tie Inverter, converts Solar Panel DC into Grid complaint AC in a very controller manner.
    A bridge rectifier, converts AC into Pulsed DC.
    How is that the same thing?
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    A bridge rectifier is a combination of diodes arranged in such away that will convert alternating current into a somewhat dirty direct current, solar PV modules already produce a clean DC, so there is no reason to involve a rectifier, a rectifier cannot, if used in reverse,  produce AC current. In order to do this an inverter which converts DC to AC is required, to add to this the inverter needs to reference to the frequency of the grid, and match the frequency and voltage, the inverter needs to be able to shut down the feed into the grid, when the grid fails, to protect against back feeding the grid whilst repairs are being conducted. 
    This is a very brief explanation, hope it shines some light on your question, it's much more complex than simply doing what you outlined.
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