anyone have experience w panels similar to these 77" x 39" 320watt 24v panels

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    no, but if those are the 3 bus bar poly cells you can bet it kicksas .. i use those in 36 cell 12v panels and they rock .. dont see many panels like that in the states, they want us to stay in the dark ages and pay for complicated systems that are really unneeded, with massive disinformation about how great mono cells are ...
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    Most panels I see these days have 4 and 5 buss tabbed cells. In the states

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    The connectors are T4 or PV2, I have no experience with t4, and both are suppose to be MC4 compatible, I purchased some MC4 cables and they came with PV2 connectors and they were soldered, I don't know if that is acceptable in a finished product. Normally you can solder, but only after crimping if you are making cables. I've also read that you don't meet code unless you are connecting T4 to T4 connectors, but usually people don't bother.

    The NOCT (Normal Cell Temperature Value) for these is slightly lower than the 75% we've normally been seeing. The 320 watt panel's NOCT value is 232 watts, which is 72.5% of the 320 label rating.
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