Air Conditioner Wind / Solar PV charge controler help

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I currently have a 300w PV set up hooked up to a 200AH battery bank. I am installing a 300w wind generator above my outside ac compressor to catch the wind and charge my battery's at night when the PV system is not. Can I get a "wind only" charge controller and run it to the same battery bank as my PV controller at the same time? Also, will a dump load be required since the wind will always be at a fairly consistent speed?


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    I think something like a Morningstar Tristar 45 might work. You should figure on a dump load or some other means of loading or stopping the turbine when the batteries are full and the wind is blowing.
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    Adding a Wind Turbine to an Electric Fan above the A/C condenser unit, is like adding a generator to motor.
    This idea will not generate any NET electricity.
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    Do you have any idea how much power the driven turbine will collect?

    I.e., a 200 watt exhaust fan, how many Watts will you recover?

    - Bill
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    If 15 MPH winds are perfectly ducted and harvested by a 2' diameter Wind Turbine, then it could generate 22 Watts.
    "Free Energy" for you, if it is your neighbor's A/C unit.
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    You should be able to add a wind charge controller to the bank. You should read the manual for the turbine to see if it needs a dump load or if it will auto brake if the batteries are full.
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