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I need a new well to water cows, irrigate chestnut , bamboo and fruit trees I would like to put down a 4 inch well with submersible pump and power by solar panels. Am I being unrealistic thinking this will work, without costing a fortune.


  • AguarancherAguarancher Solar Expert Posts: 313 ✭✭✭
    You need to define what a fortune is to you. Quite doable, there are many factors to consider though, your location, GPM req., sunny location close to the wellhead and water depth are just a few.
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    Take a look at the Grundfos SQFlex.  And I'd use low pressure (eg, drip irrigation, not spray).

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    For use systems with inverters and batteries, the Goulds constant pressure system looks like a good value (basically a 3 phase inverter plus controller plus pump).

    I am available for custom hardware/firmware development

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    alot depends on the depth you need to pump from, if its deep you'll need a specialized pump and that will be the most expensive part .. my house setup is a large 12V motor that operates a gear driven plunger type pump designed for deep wells - its not fast or very high volume, but the setup is designed to operate during the day and fill a large 300gal holding tank which it can do in a couple of hours no problem ... from the holding tank then its easy and relatively cheap to pump the water wherever you need it with an rv type demand pump ... the system is efficient though and can operate on 2 large panels and 2 batteries easily ...
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