Philippines Electrical lines - L1 / L2 / L3 ... why is there no NEUTRAL?

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Philippines Electrical lines - L1 / L2 / L3 ... why is there no NEUTRAL? is it normal for all lines in the Philippines to have an L1 / L2 / - SINGLE PHASE - L1 L2 L3 - 3PHASE... When I tested 1 line to ground ... input around 110v each lines...


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    Here are the two common methods for dropping 3 phase power to and end customer (there are variations, but these are the basics):
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    The Neutral may or may not be brought out to the customer's power panel (if you need 120 VAC or not). It can be still grounded at the power pole transformer(s) to give you a reading to ground.

    What voltage did you read Line to Line?

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    Let's start with some basics.  If you are testing with a voltmeter, you may not be able to tell if you have single phase, two phase, or three phase.
    I've read where the Philippines has two different standards.
    Rural is two wire L-N, at 230 VAC single phase.
    Larger older cities are L1-L2 240VAC single phase with neutral center tap. (L1-N 120 VAC)
    However, the wall outlets are wired for 240 VAC.

    You will  most likely need a good electrician to check your location.

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    If only 3 wires are supplied, then don't try to use the ground instead (even if it seems to present a voltage you want).  It's not a good enough conductor.  If you need 110-120V, other options would be to ask for a neutral wire or use a transformer.

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    In The Philippines Meralco runs 220 single phase, two 110 volt legs and the ground or neutral at the meter. If you have Meralco you can wire it the same way as the US wires houses. Two 110 lines in, run a US box with each 110 leg to each side, just like the US. Add your own ground from the box and run your neutral back to the ground on Meralco. They don't like anyone adding 110. Most people just split off one 110 line from a breaker and ground the other line to make 110. Don't do this using the Philippines box since the breakers there are designed with the temperature overload on one leg and the overload on the other. If you use a box from there, feed the 110 on one side of the breaker and return the ground/neutral through the other to utilize the entire breaker.
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    Im planning to setup a home solar power system. My supplier asked which kind of inverter i need that is compatible with the type of electic current running in Manila. He gave me two options:
    1. Single-phase 220V
    2. Three-Phase 380V

    I opted for single-phase 220v but When i consulted my cousin, an electrician in Germany, he told me that the current in Manila is two-phase 110. Now im confused!

    Please. I need help with this one. Tnx.

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    I have a client outside Manilla. He runs Schneider XW on 220 vac 60 hertz. It is not the North American XW model120/240 at his house.
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