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 Hi All  
I posted  awhile back to get input on two brands a inverters they were samlex and coket comments were given so I molded it over well I decided to spend a little more  today l ordered a magnum ms2024.  I went to magnum site to look at spec after the dealer said something about using two legs out a the output so I looked at input and output wiring spec I'm confused why are there two hots on input side and two hots on out put side I need help figuring out what this is for does anyone have or use magnun ms2024


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    is it a 120V or a 240V inverter ?  Sounds like 240V to me. with 2 hots  L1 & L2
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    Hi Mike its  120v thats what the dealer said  he said it wouldnt do 220v
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    I'm not seeing that in the  manual .
     There looks to be only 1 ac input from grid / genarator and 1 ac out put to the load . 
     1 pos 1neg.  D.C. Input from the battery's to inverter . 
      Sounds like a  240 v inverter ? 
     They have the Manuel in the  product line At Arizona wind and sun , look clear to me .
     But I'm no expert for sure.
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    Magnum  has good tec  support  call them and talk with the tec im sure he will clear it up for you
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    Hmmm ,
    page 23 explained it ,,the to legs split the AMP s up to feed 2 legs of a sub panel   Fig 2-10 shows what I think you are talking about
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      once again i did it again its not a 2024 I called the dealer this morning he set me straight its a 4024  ok dont laugh its called old age he seemed like a fine feller he lined me right up on wiring it up thanks mike and wellbuilt for the help guess my old girl gona have to put a tracking collar on me so she can find me when i get lost  again thanks foke
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    I have an ms 4024 inverter, which is a 240 volt inverter. You can connect the 240 in to inverter from  service panel to operate the battery charger or from a generator.  You also have the choice to connect 120  instead of 240 to the inverter battery charger.  The 240 v out is to power your loads. Also make sure you get the remote controller which you need to set up  how you want iot to charge your battery. It is a necessity. Also if you ever think you want to ac couple you need to get the MS- 4024 PAE model that gives you that option. I wish that I had bought the PAE model as I have a grid tie inverter I could ac couple. With that option you do not need charge controlers. I have to take the gridtie array off the grid. Can not explain why here. So now I have to run more wire because the grid tie system was a 600 volt inverter and the wireing is not big enough for the lower voltages you run with a charge controller. I tried to sell my inverter here and buy the pae model but no one was interested in buying my inverter. So since I already had a couple charge controlers and wire I decided to make do with the inverter I have and if I last longer than the inverter I might get an inverter that I can ac couple.
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      Hi solarvic
    wish i would seen the post before i bought this one. has the ms 4024 given you  good service for how long? ive bought the wire to run from the out building today im using #2thwn checked cerro wire calculator  i say this about this stuff it has caused me to scrach my head a few times   thanks for info                                                                                           WAYNE
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    So far I only used it to keep my forktruck battery charged. Used it for a backup a couple times when the grid was down.  Like I said I was going to ac couple with the grid but it wasn,t the PAE model and it wanted to overcharge the battery. So I just connected the grid tie to the grid.  I do have an approved grid tie agreement and I figured I better get this one off the grid before they start asking too many questions. So am in the process of converting to charge controller to charge the battery and really be able to use it when the grid is down. I am going to run #2 aluminum urd cable from the panels to charge controller at around 300 feet from the combiner box. Using a classic 150. Since I have a whole reel of the #2 I am going to bury another set of wires in case I might need to add another charge controller. I bought the wire about 15 years ago for a wind turbine but decided to not put the turbine up.  I am going to leave the wireing for the grid tie in as it was  a 600 volt system and Is too small of AWG to use on lower voltages. I think you will like the magnum inverter as it has plenty of gruntand could start my pump and run the geospring water heater at the same time.
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    i already like it  got another question  i have a disconnect box it only excepts #6 thwn on both sides im running #2 60 feet to house how can i reduce wire #2too fit #6 lug is there a reducer on market
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    If there's room to mount, you could use something like a midnite short bussbar (under installation supplies at NAWS). You would terminate 2ga at buss and run a short 6ga lead to disconnect (breaker?). I'm assuming you're using the 2ga to minimize voltage drop, not because of high current.
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    never thought a doing it that way that will work  yea the voltage drop  thats why i used #2 guess it was kinda over kill  seemed saftest way        thanks for your help                                                Wayne
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