Efficiency for running ARB

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I have been running my ARB frerzer in my garage using 12v. 
Is 12v mote efficient than running ot off a small 300w inverter?
My head says yes but wanted to hear othet opinions.



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    Is it  designed to run on either? Maybe post model #.
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    Remember the inverter is going to draw some power all the time even when everything it is powerng is off. So running the fridge straight off 12v power is probably more efficient.

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    I use an ARB 50qt a lot. It's more efficient if driven off a 12v dc system. The inverter loses energy converting 12v to 120v and then the fridge loses energy converting the 120v back to 12v. 
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    I run my 82 quarts in my suv when we travel to bring back groceries we can not find in out area.
    It runs off cigarett plug just fine, but I have since installed a second battery with isolator, just have not ran wires to rear to a distribution point yet.
    It draws just over 1.07Amp/hr which is pretty amazing as it will bring the whole content to freeze.

    I guess it must be DC priority system? If then it must contain a component to convert 120AC to 12DC.
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