Questions about using the IOTA DLS 55

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My new iota dls55 12 volt charger has shipped and I'm needing help connecting it to my battery bank I put together awhile ago by asking questions here and you guys wisdom and help.
I have two 12 volt battery banks with simple Taiwan made charge controllers, so how do I hook up the charger?
Would I be correct assuming that it goes on the inverter end?
And monitor volts at the controller end?
Would either the charge controller or inverter need to be disconnected before charging?
Thanks ahead of time
and just so you all know these two 400 watt systems have only been used six hours each. I don't even keep em connected and only do so every couple weeks to top off my batteries.
I'm keeping these beauties for an emergency as I'm on an island in the Caribbean and we do get outages.
Thanks again


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    The charger would normally be connected to battery +/- buss bars if used, or to battery posts otherwise. Buss bars are easier for multiple connections. There should be an appropriately sized breaker or fuse to protect the + cable.

    Controller and inverter should be okay to keep connected.
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    Inverter & all chargers connect to the same set of terminals.
    The high current inverter lug connects ON the lead battery terminal, and the other lugs stack up on top of it.
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