Morningstar Tristar controler and MSView anomalies

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Has anyone noticed the anomalies with voltage differences showing between a multi meter , to the voltages shown on the contacts on TS-60 and MSView , while the controller contacts on the controller and MSView are the same they are not confirmed as being correct when taken with multi meter's . There are also other unexplained entries , the time for instance is an hour behind the computers settings , some of the other unexplained issues i have listed below .

Been in contact with Morningstar and the guy has been brilliant but im starting to feel bad about having to keep returning to him for each thing as i come across them , realized others have had issues that they have solved or Morningstar has advised them so maybe they can pass on any that are relevant .

My panels are 36 cell PV 12v wired into pairs and 60 cell PV 24v cells per panel  total output 1120 watts at 24v . Manufacturers are BP and Atersa .

Have tried resting my batteries before taking the readings so the only consumption was the TS-60 .nothing in or out . The voltage variations were still present , battery voltage did rise and so did the readings on the controller but the disparity remained .

The Sense voltage should be the same as the batteries and if it is taken off the controller it is , its only when its on the controller does the contact show it to be 0.03v lower ie: battery 29.7 controller contacts 30v .

Below is what i have established so far

TS-60 PWM Firmwear Version v01.04.14

                                                                              MULTI METER                                              MSView shows

BATTERY VOLTAGE                                                                                                                  0.3 to 0.5 Higher

BATTERY SENSE VOLTAGE                                0.2 to 0.3 Lower                                          0.2 to 0.3 Higher

ARRAY VOLTAGE                                                                                                                      0.3 to 0.04 higher

AMPHOUR TOTAL                                              Far Higher Than Could Ever Be Possible

KILOWATT HOURS                              None Registered but AMPHOURS shows there should be some

MIN VOLTAGE                                                     Never Been Below 24v but it says 7.65v

These Below All Seem To Be Correct

Ah ( Resettable )









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    Is this the TS MPPT or PWM ?    (I see it's got PWM settings, so it's not mppt)   Sadly, I've got a MPPT and it's going to be vastly different than the PWM.  
    Maybe it needs a firmware update ? (That's risky too!)
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    Its a PWM and it has latest firmware i think v01.04.14
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    I have noticed variations between the figures shown on ms view and my voltmeters . around .3v -on a 24 volt battery bank . just taken a look and as expected . No remote temperature connected to confuse the figures . Its a PWM and used as charge controler.

    New L16 batteries and new ts60 CC

    CC terminals     29.80  with voltmeter
    msview shows   30.10
    Sense                29.70  with voltmeter
    msview shows    30.00
    Battery lugs       29.70  with voltmeter

    Tried without sense and variations remain the same between CC terminals and msview display

    Went into absorption at those figures and stayed there , the absorption figure is 30.00v so its leaving Bulk early dropping from 35-40  amps to about 8 to 12 amps possible more but certainly below 18 immediately and stays there until power is drawn off then if enough is drawn off will return to bulk and 35 to 40 amps coming in again .

    I know i can increase the set points up .3v but until i know which is right i dont want to risk doing that and cooking batteries .

    If anyone has a charge controller of this type i would be grateful if they could see if they are getting the same variations between msview and their voltmeter as it might help to know and possible eliminate possibilities .

    Today i tried a friends new one before he fitted it and did it with and without sense wire and there identical readings however i do it which makes me think its unlikely to be the CCs and the voltmeter has also been dismissed as a possibility which only leaves msview but i doubt morningstar wouldent have rectified that if it had been responsible they have to excellent reputation which s why i went for their product . 

    msview and both CCs have the latest versions . The time clock on the msview displays are also 1 hour behind my PC . My ts60 takes a snapshot at 6.31pm , very little comes in after that so at 7.30pm  do a Log update , last night i noticed my Amps were identical to a couple of days ago so i checked back and sure enough the date stamp is also 2 days behind . SO now i have adjusted my PCs time and date to 2 days and 1 hour ahead of real time . msview really needs some work doing as the logs are important .

    Is there any alternative to msview i can use without any real programming knowledge .

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