suniva and renesola solar panels

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Is there anybody who can tell me about the performace and quality of those SUNIVA  and RENESOLA solar panels?


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    Both are reputable manufacturers Sunvia is US based Atlanta Georgia, Renesolar is Chinese based, as are most, if they meet the requirements of testing then they should be OK, it's difficult to comment on performance, even if someone has had them for 5 years, as it it based on a 25 year scale, all panels will experience a drop in production, the biggest question is will they be around in 10 or 20 years time to honor their warranty, this is an open ended question with so many players currently in the market currently. 
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    If the Rensola panels come with a UL rating That would be a good indicator of quality. The way things are these days I seriously doubt there will be but a few companies around 20+ years down the road to take up warranty issues with.

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