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I have 8 155ah batt. connected in parallel, for a 1240ah total.  What size fuse do I need for adequate protection?  What size wire do I need for charge/load wiring?  What size wire do I need for batt. interconnect wiring?  This is a 12v batt. bank.


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    There are not enough fuses to make 8 parallel batteries safe,     Sorry to be blunt.

    Fuses protect wires.   Wires are rated by the amps they can safely carry,  So the wire size controls the fuse size
    12 ga  20A
    10 ga  30A
      6 ga 55A
    and so on, there are NEC ampacity tables that list the ratings for wires.
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    Of course, you are right. Thanks for the reminder.
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    If you NEED that much power with a 12 volt bank you should consider 1110 Ah 2 volt batteries.


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