An Australian dilemma regarding smoke detectors / alarms

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The Building Code of Australia (BCA) now demands that all new homes must have AC hard-wired smoke & fire detectors / alarms that have DC battery backup and are linked (so that all alarms sound if one is activated).

The dilemma for me is that whenever my inverter goes into its energy saving load-search or sleep modes this creates an under-volt in the home AC circuitry and thus trips the detectors. The alarms all 'chirp' annoyingly as soon as their batteries take over from the AC to let you know of the situation.

As you can imagine, this happens most often during sleeping hours.

My electrician and building inspector do not know of any code compliant detectors that 'keep quiet' when the inverter goes snoozing and my home cannot be certified without AC hard-wired smoke alarms.

Any products or thoughts on solving this problem? I do not wish to switch off the load search and sleep modes of my Victron inverter (defeats the reason I bought it). The electrical wholesale guys in my neighborhood roll their eyes at my problem and mutter 'off-gridders' !

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    Talk with an alarm company (dc backup)?

    Very small ac inverter for alarms only (if over 12vdc battery back, difficult to find)?

    Get the occupancy permit then disconnect and do battery based alarms.

    Wonder if there are any boat/marine alarms that would work on dc.

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    How about a 50W inverter dedicated just to the alarms... or a UPS?
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    Have you tried keeping an incandescent light (horrors) on to keep the inverter awake? 
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    Got the same situation here in California, hardwired, interconnected smoke and Co alarms, house & detached garage.  About 10 detectors, 3 failures in the first month, and 2 more duds last couple years.   And now coming up on the 5 year element timeout of the Co detectors, have to replace them all.
    Had to leave search mode off on the inverter, can't shut them up unless I turn the breaker off and wait 30 minutes for the chirps to time out,
    And don't get me started on the the fire sprinklers in the unheated attic and garage......
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