Video of the Finished Setup Outback Radian Gs8048 with two Flexmax 80, FlexWare 1000 Dc Load Center

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Here is a Youtube video of my setup basically completed.  I will be adding a second string of Trojans to this when funds are available. 


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    Looks good, sorry we didn't warn you off that version of 2 volt cells, they are actually 3 - 2 volt cells in parallel, and likely won't last as long as single 2 volt cells (which Trojan also makes).
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    PowerWaze,      Very nice DIY system.       While I didn't watch the entire video it looks like you did the same as I did at first by using a controller that doesn't "talk" with your inverter.     Still it did work for me until I changed things a bit.      I changed my controller because in my case using a Conext inverter with a Magnum PT-100 controller I was unable to fully program the controller in an effort to fine tune battery charging.    Wiring looks nice and the water storage system is much more serious than my system.

    Just a small suggestion.      Over the years as things get put into the battery shed it' so easy to have something short the batteries (like a falling shovel ect.) so you may want to put a fan ventilated box around those batteries.         You'll learn bunches on this site like minimizing battery strings but really a nice looking setup.

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