Need a highly configureable charge controller....

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as the title says I'm looking for a configureable charge controller that will have a load attatchment terminals, option for setting up a disconnect based on a state of battery, lcd, will show amps going in and going out, and hopefully a timer for the load or a twilight mode.
Any ideas?

I will be using this with two 100w panels, two deep cycle batteries. I get sun after 1pm. load is 0.6A. It works ok now, but I have to connect and reconnect it every day. Would like to automate the process and have a peace of mind that batteries will not get drained below 12.05v ;)


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    If your disconnect based on battery state of charge is intended to disconnect the load terminals then most of the "imported" mid grade controllers have all the features you're asking for. check eBay or Amazon.

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    .6 amps is not a load it's a measure of current, a load would be wattage or amps at a set voltage. If it's .6 amps at 120 volts, that's considerably more wattage than .6 amps at 12 or 24 volts.

    If you are looking for a cheap solution, you might give us a description of your complete system. We know you have 2 - 100 watt panels, so I suspect a small system. Most controller that have a lot of control are more expensive. There may be alternatives, such as a 12 volt or 120 volt timer, so you can turn off the light. If your battery is minimal, or you have light gauge wiring, you may have a serious problem with voltage sag...

    The Morningstar Sunsaver 25 amp charge controller, uses 11.5 volts for a load disconnect. While this is lower than you would like. It may do what you want. Any load will 'present' a lower system voltage than the battery would be at rest. While some use voltages as low as 10.5 due to this. 11.5 volts under load may put your resting voltage near the 12 volt range. This will depend on the size of your battery bank and the size of wiring used...

    The Midnite Brat has a slightly higher load disconnect of 11.7 volts.
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    Thank You guys for suggestions etc. My load is .6amps at 12v. I have two deep cycle rv interstate batteries, brand new. Don't know the model number right now. Might go with a basic 12v digital timer, seen those on ebay for around 10$.
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