60A/24v/36v/48v epsolar mppt controller reading 0.00A

Hello guys,
Please I have installed a 60A/24v MPPT charge controller, however I noticed that when the current from the panels (6 300w mono panels)reads between 0.5A to 9A, the charge displays on the charge controller, however when the value of the current rises to about 30A it doesn't read on the LCD on the charge controller, it reads 0.00A, but a multimeter reading from the panels shows it reads 32A. Please any one with experience on epsolar charge controller and any setting I need to adjust on controller?


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    Do you have a clamp meter so you can determine if current is going to the batteries?

    I believe epsolar requires that you hook up the batteries first. Perhaps it's as simple as having been install/started incorrectly. I would read the manual. If you have breakers installed, you could turn off both the array and batteries, then flip on the batteries and I think you will see an install field and in a couple minutes it will complete it's setup and you can turn on the array. This is from memory from skimming the manual trying to help someone with another problem. I would start by reinstalling/initiating the system.
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