When I switch from grid power to solar/inverter, one circuit in the house goes dead.

I have a whole house solar system and grid power available. I switch from one to the other using a large manual box with lever that switch the power source. I run the system on solar power most of the time. Recently I was watching a video on my big screen at night and the screen went black. I noticed the lights on the projector and the blu ray player were also black. I knew which breaker controlled these, so I went out to through the breaker back to on, but the breaker was still on. I cycled it and still no power to my big screen, but lights elsewhere were still on. So I went out and switched the box to the grid side. Then I checked and my video system was lighted up correctly. I left the house on grid power for the night. Next day after daylight I went out and switched the house back to solar. Everything came on with power except that same circuit to my video room which also turned out to be the kitchen lights circuit. Bottom line is, when the master switch is set to grid, all works. When it is set to solar one circuit remains dead. I checked every ground fault breaker in the house, cycled those and everything is normal except that one dead circuit. So I bought and replaced that breaker, with no change. I'm stumped as to why that circuit remains dead when on solar/battery/inberter side, and live when switched to grid power. Any ideas or suggestions would be very appreciated.


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    Try an outlet tester, If you are switching power sources, I'd bet on some ground issue. I take it you are using a transfer switch to switch between power sources?

    What type and size inverter are you using? When on inverter power, I'm curious where the neutral ground bond is, and if the inverter has an internal ground.

    All that said, it is curious that it quite while in use....
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    Problem solved. The inverter 240 quit working, which killed half the house circuits. I reset the inverter (turned off then on) and the inverter corrected it's internal error, and now all is working.
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    that was going to be my suggestion......check the power on each leg